Gloria Krass Agency

represents a carefully-chosen mix of international filmmakers
focusing on commercials, online films and music videos, servicing
both production companies and agencies.

Having a highly-focused roster gives us a more intimate relationship
with each of our filmmakers, so we know not only what they can do
but how they will work with you, your team and your clients.
And because of that focus, we can help support your and our talent
every step of the way.

We offer everything from humor to fashion. Beauty to tabletop.
CGI to SFX. Narrative to automotive. And each and every talent is
imbued with a unique gift for storytelling.

At GK Agency we always endeavor to bring you the very best.




Gloria Krass Agency Munich



About Gloria

With over 20 years in the business, Gloria Krass has seen all sides of the industry and knows the talent here, there and everywhere, both inside and out.