Dave Miller

Dave is one of the UK’s most sought-after food & drink DOPs who brings a cluster of beautiful cinematography and narrative to his work. Dave creates high-end table top commercial and film sequences, working across both performance and leading on-screen chefs for the world’s biggest brands.

He has worked with Jamie Oliver on most of his tv shows
over the past ten years, leading him to have shot a huge variety of tasty
dishes in many exotic locations.

His commercial work for the likes of Lurpak, Knorr, Laphroig, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Woolworths, Lipton, McDonalds to name a few, has given him the opportunity to hone his craft, in creating mouth watering images.


More Info

  • Skills: Lots of experience filming food, recreating looks from different decades using vintage equipment and lighting techniques. See last train to Christmas and Americas war on drugs.
  • Inspiration: Lance Accord, Robert Humphreys, Roger Deakins, Douglas Slocombe, Darius Khondji, Otto Heller, Conrad L Hall, Erik Wilson
  • Career High: Riding around Madagascar with Joanna Lumley on the back of my motorbike


Dave also regularly DOP’s „Jamie Johnson” (3 seasons so far) a critically acclaimed BBC children’s drama about the trials and tribulations of a group of very talented young footballers.

Food and Football are two of Daves greatest loves and he is lucky enough to work with both.

When not working he can be found coaching his own kids football teams, cooking them dinner (his kids, not the teams) or walking his dog in the woods.



  • Winner: ‘Best Cinematography’ South African Independent Film – The Cunning Man (2020)

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