David Helmut

David was born in Karaganda, Kasachstan and raised in Germany. Since he stole his
parents‘ first camcorder in ’95 he tirelessly improved his way of capturing stories.

In 2012 David enrolled at the macromedia university of applied sciences to study
camera & directing.

 During his studies in Munich he made several tv commercials,
music videos and short films and won some prestigious awards for his works.

His specialties are strong emotional images, storytelling, beauty and humor.


More Info

  • David speaks German, Russian and English
  • He lives in Munich, Germany


  • 2018 Eurobest, Ikea 2 x Bronze
  • 2016, Porsche Award, London
  • 2016, Sophie Opel Preis, Munich
  • 2015, 99Fire Award, Berlin
  • 2014, Local Hero Award, Augsburg
  • 2012, 99Fire Award, Berlin
  • 2012, VW Up! Award, 2nd Price
David Helmut