David Helmut

It all began around 1995. David ‚borrowed‘ his parents‘ new camcorder, cast his friends, and started shooting horror films or lip-syncing to Backstreet Boys in the basement, long before the era of YouTube or TikTok.

David turned his hobby into a profession in 2009 when he trained as a cinematographer. In 2012, he furthered his education by studying directing in Munich.

During his time in Munich, he founded his own creative production, ANY Agency GmbH. Through this venture, he produced a myriad of TV commercials, music videos, and short films, earning multiple awards for his outstanding work (including the 99 Fire Films Award, Sophie Opel Prize, and Porsche Award).

For his first major fiction project as writer and director, the hit mockumentary WRONG on RTL+, spanning two seasons, he clinched the 2022 Bavarian Television Award for Best Emerging Director.

David is celebrated for his deeply emotive visuals, masterful storytelling, and has a distinct knack for aesthetics and humor.


More Info

  • David speaks German and English
  • He lives in Munich, Germany


  • 2022 Bavarian Television Award for Best Emerging Director
  • 2018 Eurobest, Ikea 2 x Bronze
  • 2016, Porsche Award, London
  • 2016, Sophie Opel Preis, Munich
  • 2015, 99Fire Award, Berlin
  • 2014, Local Hero Award, Augsburg
  • 2012, 99Fire Award, Berlin
  • 2012, VW Up! Award, 2nd Price
David Helmut