Sebastián Sarraute

Creator of quality image and thinker of fresh ideas.

Sebas was born in Buenos Aires at the end of 1969. Forced to leave his native country at a very early age, he began a long journey around the world, where image and photography became his great passion and have been his faithful companions ever since.
Passing through few film schools (F.U.C BsAs and NFTS London), his journeys took him to documentary film, fiction and commercials.

Sebas has shown a great capacity for adaptation, extremely decisive, very fast, all this added to his gaze and more than 25 years of experience, make him a cinematographer very creative and reliable.


More Info

  • Sebas lives with his family in Barcelona
  • He speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese
Sebastián Sarraute
Sebastián Sarraute