Kinopravda is a Barcelona-Budapest based directors’ collective. Joined by DoPs
and Production Designers, we bring stories to life in visually inventive ways for
commercials and music videos.

Our collective effort always results in more great ideas than we would have
separately, and our years of working together means smoother, faster production.

Team Kinopravda is a happy parent of Cannes Young Director award, won in 2016.

Crafting stylish conceptual pieces, with an added flavour of inventive humour,
they have gathered a number of Vimeo Staff Picks.

Their clients include Seat, Vodafone, Pepsi, C&A, Weight Watchers, Turkish Airlines,
and bands such as Chet Faker, Adrian Sieber and Efterklang.



More Info

  • The meaning of the words ‘kino pravda’ in Russian is ‘film truth’. Kinopravda’s aim is to rethink and restore the role of art in film making; to capture moments that are real, with an element of fiction embedded.




  • Cannes Young Director award, won in 2016
  •   One of their widely-loved pieces, “Twun”, a promo for Yvein Monq,
    premiered on Nowness and gathered a strong festival recognition in 2015. 

  • Kinopravda has gathered a number of Vimeo Staff Picks